Recommended itinerary by car
  If you want to reach Zadina, a north part of the town Cesenatico, from the other regions of Italy, we raccomand you to use the motorway A14
  Piantina 1  
Map 1
  When you see road sign "Cesena" of toll-booth (Be careful not to mistake it for "Cesena Nord") leave the motorway and after paying the toll turn right. Continue on the state highway 71B up to the crossroad with the state highway Adriatica SS 16. Then turn right again in the direction of Zadina, Cesenatico:
  Piantina 2
Map 2
  Continue on the state highway SS16, go beyond Zadina di Cesenatico. After about 200 mt. take the flyover and, following the road sign, go back toward Zadina (Agenzia Zadina is in Viale dei Pini n. 47):
  Piantina 3
Map 3
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